Friday, March 28, 2014

Review: Obsessed with the Kill, TJ Weeks

Obsessed with the Kill

TJ Weeks

BlurbAllison and her five friends take a ski vacation after graduating from high school to Switzerland. The trip is made up of fun times in a little Switzerland town till they run into hell. Abducted into the caves of the snowy mountains. Tortured daily in ways you'll never forget for information thought to be known. Channel 7 News makes headway for these high school graduates. What doesn't haunt your dreams will surely haunt their own. This book is full of suspense, thriller and action with a twist. Will Allison and her friends make it out alive or will the trouble they find drag them into the depths of hell? (Taken from Goodreads)

Genre: Thriller/suspense

Review: This book had promise and I think that was one of the most disappointing things. There was so much this story could have been, but it wasn't. We start with a group of friends who go out of country on a ski vacation, the characters fall flat there's a lot of pointless talk. This is not the age group that are typically in adult books, they think about nothing other than relationships and have no real personalities to them. I have no sense of who they are or why I should care if they are kidnapped. (Don't get me wrong, it is always sad when someone is kidnapped, but you need to make me feel something for these characters.) They get mixed up in a terrorist situation, where the terrorist thinks that they are spies. Should be pretty heart pound and edge of the seat action...not really.

We have torture scenes (including rape when it comes to the woman), I had a hard time understanding exactly what was going on with a couple of them and felt that they could have been better executed. As time moves on we go from the girls having paranoia and what should have been twists in the plot line were poorly written and implemented. The book had plenty of potential as far as plot, but it was disappointing to me. The book even had three alternative endings...that really did nothing for me. A lot of tell and no show, head hopping, flat characters, confusing time/scene jumps, I feel that the author could have done much more to polish up this book.

I received a copy of this book for an honest review.

Stars 1.5 out of 5

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