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Reviews so far: (By Author's last name)
Special Assignment, by Niki Becker
Waking Up in Bedlam by Mia Bishop
Whispers of Murder, By Cheryl Bradshaw
What a Boy Wants, By Nyrae Dawn
Summer Earns Her Collar, by Dominic Freeman
Heartwood Box: A Fairy Tale, by Lilia Ford
Midnight Symphony, By A.L. Kessler
Blood Myth By Stacey A. Moran
Devil's Playground, by Laura Oliva
Mistress Lexie (My Reason to Cheat) by Lacey Silks
What we review:

We are looking for self-published books to read and review for our blog. It is understood that there are both good and bad novels out there and will be honest in our reviews. We are opened to any length. (Novel, short stories, novella etc.) If you are interested please email Alexandra at We are also open to hosting book tour spots that are for Indie Authors.

We reserve the right to not review a book in the event that we could not get into it. All books reviewed were either purchased or a copy was given in exchange for an honest review. We are not paid for any reviews.

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