Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tour Stop: A.L. Kessler Dance in the Moonlight

Blurb: Renee’s life had been normal until the shadows reappeared and the legendary stone was sent to her. As the arrival drags her further into the paranormal world, the last thing Renee expects is to be swept off her feet by a brooding werewolf. 

Yet Coran captures her heart and attention. Small problem—he doesn't want a mate. Coran still suffers
from the loss of his first mate, but when Renee is attacked by shifters he is forced to protect her at all costs. Things heat up when he realizes fate has wickedly granted him a second chance at love. With the war causing the body count to rise, now is not the ideal time to find a mate. 

The Circle is becoming desperate and something has Lucius worried which means trouble for his followers. It's a dance between danger and fate in this second installment of the Dark War Chronicles.
Today we have Renee from Dance in the Moonlight describing the ten things she has recently learned since becoming part of Lucius' Territory. Welcome Renee!

Renee: First off, thank you to Mia and Alexandra for letting me take over the blog today! SO! Lucius and Coran are busy elsewhere, so I thought I’d come over her and share a few things! Ten things that I’ve learned since learning about the supernatural world and joining Lucius’ territory (Spoiler free, of course.)

1) Lucius doesn’t understand the need for human tradition…this means a fight when it comes to the holidays. Let me tell you, he does not indulge me as much as Coran does.

2) Not all werewolves are cute and cuddly, actually I’m pretty sure the only one who won’t eat me is Coran. Derrik scares the crap out of me.

3) Don’t ever crack a joke about Markus. Ever. People panic and bad things happen, it’s not pretty.

4) Orion and Coran don’t cook, it’s a skill I’ve had to acquire. They do, however, eat enough for an army.

5) Not everything that is dangerous lives in the night. I’ve learned there are plenty of things in the daylight, not just werewolves or shifters either. Demons, witches (good and bad), Fae, and pretty much whatever else you can think of.

6) Self-defense is a great excuse to try to beat Coran up and I’m pretty sure he just lets me win.

7) None of my favorite paranormal movies or books really seem so far fetched anymore, except for the bad guy always being defeated…that doesn’t always happen in this war.

8) I don’t like being this close to war. You never really know how much war affects people until you’re close to the battlefield. When someone disappears it hits everyone.

9) The political rules of the vampires are stupid. Seriously, who the heck died and left the Circle in charged?

10) Lucius’ people have formed a tight knit family and now I’m part of that. It’s crazy, it’s strange, but I love it.

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About the author: 
A.L. Kessler is a paranormal romance author living in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO. When she’s not at beck and call of the household—made up of her cats, dog, daughter and husband—she can be found hard at work on her next novel. In those rare moments of free time, she can be found playing video games, crafting, or reading.

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