Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Author Interview: Sara Galbraith

This week we bring you our interview with Sara Galbraith who is writing the story of Sleeping Beauty on Twisted Tales.
(From the Aurora page at Twisted Tales, click here to read)
Blurb: Aurora
The East Kingdom has been forced into a magical slumber, and an old evil has resurfaced. They must be saved, and the witch stopped before the darkness falls over the rest of the land. There is only one person who can be the hero or heroin, and that is Princess Aurora. Can a girl who has never been anything but pampered really save the entire land? She has only her determination to help her, hopefully that will be enough.

1) What got you started on writing?

Honestly, I have no idea. It was probably my mom reading to me as a little girl. I’ve been telling stories and writing for longer than I can remember. It’s always just been a part of who I am.

2) Are you non-writing friends and family supportive?  Or do you get the "author/writer...yea... okay..." response? 

They are all really supportive. They’re always telling me to keep writing because I have talent, and how proud they are of what I can do. It’s really nice how encouraging my family and friends are.

3) Why did you choose your particular story for the Fairy Tale Blog?

I don’t really know. I have always loved fairy tales in general, and Sleeping Beauty was one that was easy to come up with a new take on.

4) Why you took it in the direction you did?

I’m taking it in the direction that I am because I think that we need a female to be the hero. I love the idea that instead of a damsel in distress we have a man who needs to be saved. Also, I think that the character of Aurora needed to have more depth, and that’s what I’m trying to give her.

5) What elements are you going to keep the same as the classic version and why?

I’m keeping some of the name’s the same, simply because I liked them. Also, the evil Maleficent will still be responsible for the sleeping kingdom. And there will still be a love story in there because who doesn’t love a good romance?

6) Do you prefer to write in silence or with the TV going or with music?

I prefer to write with quiet music going, or silence, but that almost never happens. It’s pretty much impossible to find a moment of silence with my two year old running around.

7) What is your dream writing space?

A room with whiteboard walls, that I can draw on when I need a distraction, or have an idea. There would be a coffee maker with limitless coffee, and an endless supply of snacks. One whole wall would be a window, so that I could feel the sun shine through. There would be books everywhere, and my desk would clean itself. And there would be a lock on the door that only I can open, so that when I’m writing I wouldn’t be interrupted.

8) What do you do to put yourself in the mood for writing graphic scenes like sex, violence or debautchary?

I don’t do anything special to put me in the mood. Its more just it fits in the story, so I keep writing till it’s done. I write it the same way I write everything else.

9) If your life was a novel, what would the title be and who would write it?

I think it would be called Once Upon a Zombie, or something else equally as silly. I don’t know who would write it, but it would have to be someone who writes great comedy.

10) Who helps you through this crazy journey of writing?

My family helps me the most, but also a few of my friends. A lot of it is just having them support me, and give encouragement, which they are all great at. I couldn’t write if it wasn’t for the people I love, and that love me.

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