Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Author Interview: A.L. Kessler

Today we welcome A.L. Kessler, author of Beauty and the Beast on the Twisted Fairytale Blog as we continue our author interviews!

1) What got you started on writing?
         I really needed an escape outlet. I used to write fanfiction through middle school, but when I lost my mother I buried myself in my own worlds and started writing original stories and novels. That’s really when it took off, I spent high school more focused on my writing than school. That’s how I got started on writing.

2) Are you non-writing friends and family supportive?  Or do you get the "author/writer...yea... okay..." response?
         This always cracks me up because I get such mixed reactions and from people I don’t expect them from. My oldest sister thinks it’s fantastic that I’m writing and publishing. My other one is like, okay cool, “I’m not reading it because reading sex scenes my sister wrote is strange.” My father? Yeah he was convinced I wrote an article. Oops.
         My friends are all super supportive and want to be with me every step of the way. Many of them deal with my random, “I want to do this!” or “I need this!” even though they have no idea what I’m talking about. They really are my biggest support system in some way or another.  

3) Why did you choose your particular story for the Fairy Tale Blog.
         I chose Beauty and the Beast because it’s one of my favorites and in honor of my Minion. She’s been side by side with me (as have a few others) for much of this crazy journey. When I mentioned the idea of the blog she jumped and said, “You have to do Beauty and the Beast!” And from there the ideas just kind of started flowing.

4) Why you took it in the direction you did?
         I really wanted to mix a few different ideas together, and I kind of went with a dash of the book and a dash of the Disney movie, then mixed in my own spin on it all. I’m currently writing another series in Scotland so that just seemed like the perfect place to base it instead of France. I really needed the beast to be darker and do something to deserve his curse.

5) What elements are you going to keep the same as the classic version and why?
         Like I said above, I’m doing a bit from the book and a bit from the Disney movie. He’s still a wolf like creature, roses are going to play a big part and I kept Belle’s love for books. I felt that these were important aspects, especially the form of the beast. I have a special something I want to do with the fact that he is a wolf.

6) Do you prefer to write in silence or with the TV going or with music?
         I used to only be able to write with music or silence in the background. Now, out of necessity I can write with the TV going (normally Tangled, as it is currently my daughter’s favorite), video games (normally Skyrim, my husband’s current favorite), or music. Though my ideal condition is music, normally something that fits the character.

7) What is your dream writing space?
         I’d have to say that my perfect space would have the dual monitors and the mechanical keyboard in a room that had the single serve coffee maker. With a desk that is big enough to spread out on in a room with in wall or in ceiling speakers. *grins* I want a lock on the door so I can keep people out so they don’t disturb me. One wall would be made up of corkboard so I could pin stuff up and maybe a wall painted with white board paint, that would be awesome too.

8) What do you do to put yourself in the mood for writing graphic scenes like sex, violence or debautchary? 

         Music helps put me in the mood for most things. I put on my selection of ‘Angry’ music if I need the character to be angry, or if I need to write a scene that makes them angry. As for sex…that one is tough because no music makes me think sex…my approach for writing sex is to just get it all out and clean it up later. *looks back at that last sentence and shakes my head* no puns intended.  Violent scenes go back to the music, something that has to fit the mood. Violence to me is easier than writing sex.

9) If your life was a novel, what would the title be and who would write it?

         Confessions of a Stay at Home mom would be in the running of a title, or something like “The Darkness within” I would love Sherrilyn Kenyon to write it, but I don’t think that I would be worth of her writing it

10) Who helps you through this crazy journey of writing?
         Oh gosh, so many people help me through this. When I first decided to selfpublish I had no idea where to start. I hadn’t even considered covers until Jamie Wilson said something about a book mentioning it. Jamie did my cover for Midnight Symphony and for In the Light of the Moon. She helps me out with beta reading and midnight rants. Jennifer (Minon) is always right there when I needed her, even with her crazy schedule. Tiffany is amazing and helps me out any chance she gets. My husband is always supportive. Sara is always providing feedback and is there to bounce ideas on. Really there are too many people to name. To tell you the truth though, I wouldn’t be where I am without any of these people. They mean a lot to me, and I must give credit where it is due in that aspect. Thanks guys!

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