Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Review: Mistress Lexie

Mistress Lexie (My Reason to Cheat) by Lacey Silks

Lexie has attended six conferences in the past month, watching James present. When she’s called up to the stage to help out, it occurs to her James has noticed her as well. Unable to hide her feelings for the stud, Lexie gives in to each hidden touch he’s able to make while presenting. And when the curtains go down and lights go off, both take advantage of the little privacy they have.

First off, this book is listed on the Amazon Marketplace as Mistress Lexie (My Reasonn To Cheat). The misspelling is the first thing that caught my eye about this book. Hopefully at some point Ms. Silks will be able to fix this typo since we all know that something like misspelled titles can turn off readers from purchasing a book.

Mistress Lexie is one of five short, interconnected stories in the "My Reason to Cheat" series.

This is a super short story, it took me less than ten minutes to read. It focuses on Lexie who is cheating, or at least at the beginning of the story, fantasizing about cheating on her husband with a man she has been (for lack of a better word) stalking for an undetermined number of months. I say undetermined because continutity is very vague here. In the synopsis it says one month, at the beginning of the story it says two months and towards the end it states six month.

I'm not the kind of reader who cares about book length, but the shortness of this read really does hinder it. With the story consisting of the affair we are given no reason to care about Lexie. She comes off as cold from the lack of  explanation on her "reason to cheat", in fact we aren't ever really given her "reason to cheat". We are left to form our own assumptions, the only reason given is that her sex life with her husband is bland. Being a married person it would seem to me that just opening your mouth and saying, "Let's spice things up tonight, honey." would be easier and safer than stalking a man, cheating on your husband and having unprotected sex. Bottom line is this: Cheating is a delicate subject matter and it helps if the readers care enough about the characters to condone their unfaithfulness. In this story I didn't care enough because there wasn't enough to care about.

Morality aside, because I am not a stickler for morals, the sex scene was graphic and interesting. The setting for the scene is definitely unique and the descriptions were vivid. This is an extremely adult read and I wouldn't recommend it for readers who 1) are under 18, in fact it specifically says: Contains mature content intended for ADULT AUDIENCE ONLY. 2) cannot get past the idea of adultery as the main plot point and 3) if you are at all squeamish or offended by the use of the "C" word in erotica, because it is used in this story.

If you are still on board and want a quick read that is steamy, then dive right into Mistress Lexie.

3 out of 5 Stars
Heat Rating: Hot
(mild, medium, hot, spicy, scorching) 

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