Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Review: Heartwood Box: A Fairy Tale

Review: 3 stars (out of five)

Okay, so I'm all for good sex in a book, but I do like a little bit of plot with my porn, cause I'm that kind of girl. This book was suggested to me by a friend, because it is a BDSM based book and that is what my SPE is. The Heartwood Box, written by Lilia Ford, at least had some BDSM ideas, control, bondage, punishment, reward, which was nice to see. The book is based in a fantasy world, so I didn't expect there to be any accuracy to the actual Lifestyle.

As far as plot, there wasn't really any. The first part of it moved slow, but it at least had a point to it. The characters met, they found that they were fated together and they married. After the marriage, you got a brief glimpse of a war that was supposed to be going between the Fae and the Demons, which could have been expanded on much more instead of used to only to get Damien out of the way so Genevieve was left alone with Derek on of Damien's brothers). The idea of the Heartwood box itself was fascinating and was executed well, a little more description of it would have been nice, because I was envisioning a small box, but this was supposed to big enough to hold a riding crop and a few other large items. There were a couple big time jumps that felt like the author just didn't have anymore information to put in there.

The male characters could have been better, they were hot, they were brothers and they were all doms. Three doms in a household, poor Genevieve. Though, there's not much else a girl could ask for, really. Each had their own part to play, but the two older ones (Damien and Derek) could have been developed better. Damien's reasons came from a tragedy in the past, which is where Derek's anger came from (at least from what I understood), but that's really as far as it went. Donald (the third brother) had the most personality to him, and I believe that was probably the intention of the author since he was not 'scared' by the tragedy). Genevieve did have more back story than most female character, however no reason was really given for her 'demon' (which is what makes her crave extreme pain).

Writing wise, it wasn't bad, and for being self-published it was polished and didn't have any weird errors, or formatting issues. The sex scenes were awesome, but the 'plot' parts were slow moving and very much all tell and no show. I did enjoy it, but it showed potential for more plot and better characters. If you like more porn than plot, pick it up, if you want an easy, sexy read, go for it and enjoy.

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