Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Egos and Elitism part 2!

So I'm back, did you all enjoy me picking on traditionally published authors? Yeah? Well now it's time that I pick on the indie crowd. Now you may think that indie authors have no problem with egos or feeling elite. You're wrong, they are just better at hiding it than most. Why? Because things said on social media, blogs, and interviews can hurt indie authors. Especially those just starting out and have a small fan base.

This last week I combed the web looking for direct quotes like I found for the last post. I haven't found any. But I know it's out there. Talk to and indie author, ask them why they chose that route or what they think of traditional. Many of the times you'll get a fairly good answer, normally about being in control of everything. But then you will get those authors with answers like these.

"Because traditional publishing is on it's way out, indie is where it's at."

"Traditional is the lazy way, they have people to do everything. Indie's do it on their own."

(If you find some direct quotes, let me know. I'd be happy to add to this post and expand.)

But my favorite is when an indie author trash talks traditional publishing because they think they are the best at everything. They think their stories are better, their editing is better, everything, even their covers.

These attitudes on either side of things is not a way to win fans, friends or networking. There are authors both traditional and indie that I will not read because of their elitist attitude. When it comes to networking it's the worse thing you can do because you make it seem like you are not approachable. Why would I network with you if I'm terrified you won't think I'm good enough?

So it's time to knock it off. Indie, traditional, hybrid, suck it up. We're authors. Get over your ego and your better than everyone attitude and write. There are misconceptions on both sides, each author has their own reason for going on the path they chose. Congratulate them, talk to them, learn something from each other.

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