Thursday, July 10, 2014

What If You Can't Write?

What to do when you can't write?

I'm not talking about writers block, I'm talking about what happens when there is a physical reason that you can't write.

As of right now i am pecking away at my keyboard with my left hand because my right hand is currently out of commission. It's my dominate hand which means the world just got a ton harder. There is no "choosing or learning to be ambidextrous" you either are or you are not, I'm in the latter group.

So what do you do if here is a physical reason why you can't write. Let's face it one handed pecking is going to be a long and exhausting process for a 60k word manuscript. Hell I'm already exhausted just from writing this little amount. Pen and paper won't work, because like I said, the injury is to my dominate hand. So... Here are my options: 1) don't use my hand and allow it to heal after everything gets done to it and 2) try to invest in a speech to text software for my computer.

Dragon is what I'm going to go with, haven't gotten it yet, but I'm ordering it as soon as possible. As soon as I have it in hand (ha! See what I did there) I'll give you all a review. As I wait for the software and even after I get it I will be slowing down, there are several other factors that are involved and slowing down, lessening the amount of stress I have on my plate, and letting myself heal are all very important to getting better.

In the mean time, how would you over come an obstacle like this? Would you try to train yourself to use your other hand? Try a speech to text tool? Any other ideas? Let us know, we'd love to hear them.

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