Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Giving Credit

This isn't going to be a post on plagiarizing because that is a can of worms I do not want to open. It's also something that all authors should know about and if you don't, go do your research. No, this is a post about giving credit where it is owed. As a indie author, a small press author, or a big press author, you need to make sure you are giving proper credit and thanks.

This comes into play a couple places. I have seen many authors out there who take witty lines from the internet, either jokes, lines from memes, or lines of wisdom and will throw it up on social media and put their characters name at the end of it. Hm. No, if it reminds you of your character, say such and give credit to your source. You will lose a lot of respect if people think that you're witty and creative just to find out that you got your best lines from a comedian, joke website or meme. What I'm saying is avoid saying things like "Yeah, I know I'm good." And admitting to where you got the quote, joke, whatever it is that you put up there. If it's a quote, but who said it! Use your head in this guys, the last thing you want is people saying "this author steals jokes/quotes/lines and claims them as their own."If I can put it in google and it pops up with the first result do not claim ownership on it.

On to other places that credit should be given. Covers. What I'm saying is when someone compliments your cover, you tell them thanks so and so (company, person, so on) did a great job! Not just thanks. You could even do "Thanks, I'll let my cover artist know you like it!" I've recently started putting a simple Cover: Something Wicked. Covers By Jamie or Cover: Jamie Wilson in my books on the copyright page. They deserve some credit for the beautiful cover. The same goes if you created it yourself, if you've created a great cover be proud of it!

The thing is, it's called indie publishing, but very few authors do it on their own. There are teams, you need to make sure you give them credit, you need to make sure you are professional and give proper credit for quotes, jokes, anything that you use that is not yours. Acting in any other manor is what gives indie authors, or any authors, a bad rep. I could got on for pages about how to appear professional, but this is not the right time. Hell I could write a book on it. ;)

Thoughts? Comments? Let us know below!

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