Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Music Was The Lamb That Made A Lion Out Of Me

Anyone who knows me that I love finding new music. I have so many random playlists of obscure and mainstream, folk, indie, pop, country, rock, and international artists on my YouTube channel and most days my Facebook feed is full of music posts from me. Music helps me to write. Songs or even a single lyric can inspire an entire story for me. There isn't an hour of the day that music isn't on in my house. It's on when I write, when I clean, when I cook, and when I chill.

Music sets the mood for my writing. So I thought I'd share one of my writing playlists for Waking Up In Bedlam. Maybe some of the songs will inspire someone else.

First off, sometimes it's not a mix of music but a single album that inspires me. For a current project I'm fleshing out I've got The Civil Wars on constant rotation. For my Post-Apocolyptic Erotica it's Imagine Dragons. Holy cow, if I hear Radioactive on the radio while I'm driving my kids know to be quiet and let mom zone out in her PA world for three minutes.

Waking Up In Bedlam Playlist

1) 8am Departure by The Perishers
2) All Of Me by Angus and Julia Stone
3) Going, Going, Gone by Stars
4) The Man I Love by Lisa Hannigan
5) White Blank Page by Mumford and Sons
6) Young Girls by Bruno Mars
7) Wolf and I by Oh Land
8) If I Be Wrong by Wolf Larson
9) Ships In The Night by Mat Kearney
10) Nothing Like You and Me by The Perishers
11) Kiss Me (cover) by The Fray
12) A Drop In The Ocean by Ron Pope
13) The Wedding Song by Angus and Julia Stone
14) Home by Mumford and Sons
15) I Saved You by Schiller featuring Kim Sanders
16) Such Great Heights by Iron & Wine
17) Overwhelmed by Tim McMorris
18) Wasted Daylight by Stars
19) Come Away With Me by Norah Jones

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