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Author Interview: Kandi McGilton

Today is the last day of our author interviews with our co-authors at Twisted Tales. So without further ado, here is our interview with Kandi McGilton, author of Snow White.

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Blurb: Snow White

She’d been the cause of all of their families problems and who knew looking like her mother would be the death of her? “Snow White” they’d called her the day she came into this world, and that name had haunted her every day since. With an evil step mother out to get her at every turn, Snow will do what has to be done. Survive. At the mercy of the queen, at the blade of the huntsman or the hands of the seven dwarfs; Snow’s daunting journey to happiness has only just begun and waiting for her prince to come along is the last thing on her mind.

1) What got you started on writing?
This is going to sound cliché and make a few eyes roll, but it was Shakespeare. I fell in love with his writing at a young age and believe it or not, I had a rather fond gift for writing my own naughty sonnets. I came to understand long ago that nothing I wrote would be lacking in the naughty section. From there I learned of the role playing world where I met people who completely challenged, changed and inspired my writing style today.

2) Are your non-writing friends and family supportive?  Or do you get the "author/writer...yea... okay..." response?  
There are a few who aren't keen on the style and topic of my writing, but most of my family and friends are extremely supportive. It still takes me by surprise at how many of them still pull me aside and say, “Hey, I read so and so and it was amazing! I had no idea you liked to write that kind of stuff!” It definitely helps keep the words flowing.

3) Why did you choose your particular story for the Fairy Tale Blog?
I had originally planned on writing about Sleeping Beauty since that her tale is one of my favorites. But as I thought about all the other fairy tales, Snow White seemed to stick out. Why? Well, one woman living in the same house as seven men? The wheels began to turn and I slowly began to smirk at the thought, the first scene I had imagined for Snow White as clear as day in my mind. The idea of writing that much sex for one little princess sounded like a huge challenge to me and begrudgingly I admit, I LOVE a challenge. So I immediately gave up my chance for Sleeping Beauty to write Snow White.

4) Why you took it in the direction you did? 
I’m taking Snow White in this direction because I spent hours researching her before the blog launched. She may be one of the few who has an amazingly real past in my opinion. And although I lack in the magic and mystical creatures department, I do hope it will be unique and much darker than any version of Snow White you’ve ever read.

5) What elements are you going to keep the same as the classic version and why?
Let’s just say the main characters will stay the same but they are in no way going to be the Disney or Grimm versions that are commonly known. For example, Snow White and the dwarfs have a real name in my version. The names we've all come to know today are simply nicknames in this story. For now, I think I'll be keeping all of the original characters and adding quite a few more names to my cast to give the plot more depth and a few more twists than you might have anticipated from Snow White.

6) Do you prefer to write in silence or with the TV going or with music?
I love silence. I might be that 1 in 10 that loves to write in silence, but it lets me think, lets the ideas flow and the words feel like they magically appear on the pages. If there’s too much going on around me I can’t concentrate on the task at hand and get so frustrated I have to walk away from my work.

7) What is your dream writing space?
It has always been a dream of mine to have a bookshelf that spun into a secret room and it would look like that scene from Beauty and the Beast. I’m in the mindset that the more you read, the better your own writing, so it would only make sense to write in my very own personal hidden library.

8) What do you do to put yourself in the mood for writing graphic scenes like sex, violence or debauchery?
It’s not so much what I do to put myself in the mood for a scene than it is how I’m feeling at the time. If I’m in the mood for a sex scene, I will pump out some wild fantasy playing in my head until every last detail is written down. If I happen to be having a horrible day where everything and everyone is pissing me off, there’s a high chance that someone is about to get their ass kicked verbally or physically; or possibly die in the story line that day. So I suppose I channel my energy and emotions into my writing more than I prepare myself for a particular scene. I guess that also means more people in my everyday life stay alive that way.

9) If your life was a novel, what would the title be and who would write it?
I honestly have no idea, but I keep dreaming that Morgan Freeman reads it to me someday... hint hint Morgan Freeman.

10) Who helps you through this crazy journey of writing?
Two of the best friends a girl could ask for and even though we’ve never met in person, I’m truly happy and honored to call them friends. I met the two of them through role play and they also happen to be on the Twisted Fairy Tale blog with me. They’ve been absolutely amazing at getting my ass in gear when I just don’t have the motivation and desire to write. I have to go back to question No. 2 and say that without all of my friends and family supporting me, even if they do it secretly because of the content of my writing; their love, support and understanding really pushes me to strive for greatness. And of course I have to give a special thanks to the people who take the time to edit my work when I ask them to because come on, what author honestly likes editing?

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