Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Author Interview: Savannah Knight

As we continue our interview series of the authors on the Twisted Tales blog we welcome Savannah Knight! Savannah is writing the retelling of Cinderella, which you can find here.

1) What got you started on writing? 

Honestly, Facebook RP… I had never written anything except papers in school, which I always hated. After a couple of months of talking to some of the RPers, I was persuaded by a couple of dear friends to JUST DO IT. So, I created a character. And the rest, as they say, is history. I found out I could write, I was decent at it, and it was a much needed escape from my crazy busy real life as a mom and wife.

2) Are your non-writing friends and family supportive?  Or do you get the "author/writer...yea... okay..." response?  

My husband and teenage son are very supportive. My son loves to write and wants to write a story with me. But he did specify our book could not be “gross.” In other words no sex. I don’t think my husband realized just how long it took to write even 1,000 words. But he bears with me and reads them over and over again. He my first beta with every story I write. I haven’t really outed myself to rest of my family about writing yet. Still scared of what they might say. But the friends that know I write are very supportive.

3) Why did you choose your particular story for the Fairy Tale Blog? 

Cinderella was always my favorite childhood fairy tale. The Disney version, of course. The idea of a fairy godmother, beautiful carriage, Prince hunting the right girl down to fit her with the glass slipper…a true fairy tale in my eyes. As an adult, I know for a fact, the right shoes can change your life. ;)

4) Why you took it in the direction you did? 

One area I need to work on in my writing is plotting and planning…so why am I taking Cinderella in the direction I am, I can’t answer because I’m not sure. I have an idea but not sure how to get there yet. I want a balanced mixture of fantasy and real life. Present time and past. I love current pop culture but I want ball gowns and castles and dukes and earls and princesses and princes. Hopefully, I can mesh it all together and make it a great story.

5) What elements are you going to keep the same as the classic version and why? 

Oh, most definitely there will be a fairy godmother, of sorts…The step-sisters and step-monster will be wicked to the core. Elle will be their whipping post. And there will be indeed be a “slipper” although I’m not sure if it’ll be glass. There are also aspects from the Brothers Grimm version of the story I will be keeping. Because you can’t have a twisted tale without a little twisted and gory Grimm, IMO.

6) Do you prefer to write in silence or with the TV going or with music? 

Well, usually the TV’s on in the background because I write curled up in my recliner or at the kitchen table. But I prefer a quiet house with just music.

7) What is your dream writing space? 

A room with just my computer & desk completely stocked with everything I need all the time. A coffee maker that knows when my cup is low and refills it. One whole wall to be a window and the scene outside changes with my mood. Bright and sunny if I’m writing a happy romance. Dark and rainy if it’s a depressing scene and thunder storm if I’m killing someone off.

8) What do you do to put yourself in the mood for writing graphic scenes like sex, violence or debauchery?

 Music is always a great mood-setter for any scene I need to write.

9) If your life was a novel, what would the title be and who would write it? 

I would love for Sandra Brown or Jaycee Clark to write it. That I know for sure. They write crazy, evil villains and great heroes and heroines. But the title, I have no clue.

10) Who helps you through this crazy journey of writing? 

Along with my husband, my friends. Everyone on the Twisted Tales blog. I have written with Jacy and Phoebe since I started writing a couple years ago. They are a constant encouragement to me. 

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