Thursday, May 1, 2014

Royalties & Mia's Epic Fail

This is a day late and dollar short, I apologize.

So… All this time I’ve been watching my book sales and then checking on payments and keep seeing absolutely nothing under payments in my KDP.

It’s been really frustrating because I see sales but I wasn’t getting any money. I’m not in this for the money but since I am selling books I was like “What the hell, Amazon!” Well… As it turns out it wasn’t Amazon’s fault, it was my own epic fail. When I created my author account I forgot to enter my bank info for direct deposit… *face palm* What the hell was I thinking? And yes, I did beat myself up for that one for a few days. But as soon as I could I went in and entered the right info.

Then life got crazy-hectic, we went on a little mini-non-vacation and had to travel upstate for a doctors appointment for our son. I didn’t do anything while we were gone except check my email. So as soon as we got home yesterday I checked KDP and I don’t even know why but I clicked on payments and low and behold a payment was made yesterday!

I hoped on my bank site and checked and yep, it was in there!! HUZZAH! I have my first royalty payment from November 2013-Febuary 2014! I’m seriously so excited. Can you tell from my over use of the poor, misunderstood exclamation point?

Anyways, the lesson here is this: when setting up all your author information don’t forget to fill out everything! Lesson learned.

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